What a clear night.

orion_Large-e-mail-viewUnfortunately, the 24 hours in a day are never enough to get done all that I hope to do.  Then, when I am thoroughly exhausted, I pause to catch my breath.   In that moment of calm, I always think of something I forgot to appreciate in my daily whirlwind of activity.

Tonight is was the stars.  The thought that I had was simple.  The stars in Orions belt mark the northern night sky when the sun is at its lowest point.  They are among the easiest stars to identify, and for some odd reason, they are part of my favorite constellation, Orion the Hunter.  The belt has been used for thousands of years as a distinct and clear marker for ancient timekeeping.

But someday, probably not in our lifetime, the three stars in his belt will die and Orion will cease to be the exact constellation we see today.  When stars die, I think I remember that it is the helium that burns up and iron forms.  The core cools and that is where the black and white dwarfs come in.  The black dwarf results when the star is of smaller mass and it collapses in on itself.  The white dwarf is when the star explodes into a super nova.

Either way, the star goes away.  And no, I am not really sure of any of this detail.  I am tired and thinking about things I once knew and possibly still remember in my subconscious.

Right or wrong, I am writing this blog to make a point and cannot allow fact to interfere with my midnight philosophical rant.  Oh yes, I was going somewhere with this…  I need a moment to remember….

Oh yeah, I know.  The stars will not always be as they are now.  Things in life change; whether that is in our lifetime or within the lifetime of the universe.    Tomorrow will be different that today, and the next will be different than tomorrow.

What have you failed to appreciate today that may change tomorrow?