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Joe Curcillo - The MindShark

Experience the Magic of Connections

Entertainer, Mentalist & Trial Lawyer,  Joe Curcillo has performed for over 30 years into  all types of venues. From Vegas casinos to New York corporate offices to Caribbean Resorts to cheap motels in Des Moines, but his favorite place is in YOUR head!

 While you are on his mind trip, he truly wants you will enjoy the ride. You don't have to keep your hands and feet in the vehicle, and you wont have time to ask "Mom, are we there yet?" But when you least expect it, you will be asking: "Holy ESP Batman, is he really reading minds?"

 Whether you're looking for a Speaker, Mentalist for an evening show, a keynote presentation or amazing hospitality suite entertainment, your guest's experiences will be no less than memorable!


"Joseph Curcillo is an amazing mentalist, he combines his charm charisma and super personality to bring you astonishing acts of mind power! Beside all that stuff he is a great lawyer! I highly recommend him for any event"

-Uri Geller