Learn the Superpower of a Unifying Vision!
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Getting to Us

Discover the Ability to Lead Your Team to Any Result You Desire

Know the Superpower of a Unifying Vision!

“AWESOME! Joe Curcillo has discovered the secret ingredient of team building. A must read for any leader.”

Jim DonovanAuthor, happy@work: 60 Simple Ways to Stay Engaged and Be Successful

Communicating your vision is the key to Leadership!

Leaders who build great teams know a secret: They understand how to enroll people in a unified vision.

One big vision of purpose that brings everyone together, so all are working toward a common, noble purpose. In Getting to ‘Us,’ Leadership & Communication Speaker,  Joe Curcillo shows you how to take any group—apathetic or hostile ones—and make them enthusiastic, energized, and ready to go “all in” for your cause.

A true leader is not only a visionary. A true innovator is a master influencer. It all boils down to getting someone to do something enthusiastically and embrace what you want them to do even when they’re not inclined to do it. Being a leader is about getting everyone to move in a common direction toward a common goal it is about moving from “you and me” and getting to “us”

Imagine what would happen if your business, your goals, and your dreams were a unified vision that people would dedicate their lives to achieve.

If your vision creates a cause that allows people to contribute and feel noble, you will rise as a leader.

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Learn the ways to:

  • Craft a compelling and irresistible unifying vision

  • Discover your personal superpowers

  • Integrate and motivate people from any generation, including millennials

  • Cast your team members—and yourself—in the proper roles

  • Build a powerful and unstoppable team by Getting to Us!

Want to build a great Team?

First, you have to get to ‘us’!

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