Joe Curcillo will provide the keys to thinking

and acting more persuasively.

You will learn the secret to developing a more powerful personal presence and stronger connections with others allowing you to be more persuasive and influential in your life.

Drawing from my dual careers as a trial lawyer and an entertainer, I share the knowledge and experience you will use whether you need to communicate persuasively to one person or an audience of thousands.

The Mind Shark is Joe Curcillo. Expertise in three professions: Persuasive Keynote speaker, mentalist, trial lawyer. He brings to his audience a dynamic source of empowerment and improvement. His cornerstone is the mastering of mental clarity of thought and focus with an eye towards enhancing communication and persuasion skills leading to result oriented outcomes.

Today, many people are limited by their own belief that their mental capacity is, “what it is” – forgetting there’s so much more room for growth.

Joe uses his entertaining personality and unique skills to deliver energized presentations that influence , educate and motivate audiences. He incorporates delightful comedy and psychic entertainment to deliver real information, knowledge and insight that will broaden peoples' perspectives.

Recognized as a National Top 100 Trial Lawyer, a Law School Professor, a Pennsylvania SuperLawyer and Author, Joe Curcillo will provide the keys to thinking persuasively. He is an expert at making the art of persuasion usable and practical. 

Joe literally and figuratively wrote the book on how to be the best you can be with an audience. As a Law Professor he built his reputation teaching law students to hone their communication skills as they prepare for court.  He is in constant demand to teach lawyers to get winning verdicts.

He presents a blend of message spattered with comedy and psychic entertainment that can only be described as empowering.

Whether his audience consists of business executives, sales professionals or entrepreneurs, Joe’s love for people and extreme passion makes an impact on all listeners. Confidence, humor, motivation and openness are all characteristics that manage to attract listeners’ attention and allow Joe to deliver his message powerfully.

Your mindfulness, clarity, decision-making, persuasion, communication and focus will be significantly enhanced through Joe’s captivating speeches and courtroom training. Your mental horizons will embark on a journey of expansion as enthusiastically experienced by many of his past audiences.  All of this is accomplished with levity and in a truly engaging atmosphere.

Joe has more than 30 years of experience as a criminal trial lawyer and has consistently improved and polished his skills by understanding the core elements of persuasion.

Before starting his law firm he was a prosecutor in three Pennsylvania counties as well as a Deputy Attorney General.  As a mentalist he has been the President of the Psychic Entertainers Association and also the winner of the 2015 Annemann Award and 2014 Milbourne Christopher Award winner for Mentalism.

Don’t be afraid to go into the water,

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