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Think with Clarity.

Speak with Results!

The Art of Persuasive Speech taught by a seasoned Trial Attorney and award winning Mentalist Entertainer!

Joe wrote the book on better performance in front of an audience.  He built his reputation teaching law students to prepare for practice AND teaching lawyers to get their verdicts.  

He has trained sales teams to improve their bottom line by understanding that What you think before you speak, will go a long way toward getting you what you want!

He will teach you the skills needed to get whatever you want!

Joe Curcillo - Toastmasters2

As a speaker, Joe is a trial attorney and professional entertainer with a passion for seeing people become the best they can be! He has taught in colleges, universities and corporate boardrooms. He teaches the art of persuasive speech he uses daily in and out of court, and will educate the audience as to the power of their own thoughts and dreams.

With an understanding of The Art of Persuasive Speech, you can get the answer you want by putting more thought into the question.

The Audience will learn How to:

  • Master the secrets used by professionals to win audiences.
  • Wake up to a new vision of what your presentations can be.
  • Learn how to persuade your people magically.
  • Learn to Think before asking a question.
  • Challenge your own doubts and fears.
  • How to cause the listener to accept the messages we deliver.
  • Apply the art of persuasive speech in practical terms that can be readily applied to personal situations.


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How is it important? 

  • A uniquely delivered presentation and performance honed by a seasoned trial lawyer and entertainer with years of experience.
  • It teaches presentation skills from the perspective of a professional who understands what an audience needs.
  • Takes the theory and teachings of the ancient philosophers in a completely different direction; Aristotle and Cicero have never been explained so simply!

  Joe Curcillo - Toastmasters6 

Through years of life and years of education most of us have already learned - or at least heard - the skills we need for The Art of Persuasive speech. If only people learned to keep those skills honed and used them on a regular basis.

As a magician and psychic entertainer, he has fascinated and endeared people since he was a child. Joseph Curcillo took his love for mentalism and his background as a criminal defense lawyer and married the two into his stage presentations. He presents a blend of message spattered with comedy and psychic entertainment that can only be described empowering.

He shares the theory of presentation and performance that he relies
upon whether on stage or in the courtroom.

The techniques and considerations have served him well in obtaining both favorable jury verdicts and vigorous applause.  Using anecdotes, theory and war stories, Joseph says: "We will explore the parallels between the artistic and adversarial processes.  In presentations, sales and performing arts, there is no visible adversary. Instead, the adversary we face is an entity that lives within each of us, and in our audience: doubt and fear. That hesitation that exists when we are asked for the very first time to accept the unknown.  It is by understanding of what the audience needs that we can cause them to accept the message we deliver."


Your audience will share his excitement as he blends his experiences as a trial lawyer together with his knowledge of human thought into a refreshingly different presentation. 

Joseph's years on stage and in a courtroom will I be evidenced by his showmanship and energy. If you are considering a uniquely different workshop, Joseph's creativity seminar puts a different slant on human thought.

JOSEPH A. CURCILLO, III, ESQUIRE has more than 25 years of experience as a Criminal Trial Lawyer. He has spent his entire career learning the complex and intricate body of law that is criminal law and taking it to a level where it can be explained to a jury. Prior to opening his firm in 1997 he was a prosecutor in three Pennsylvania counties and for the state attorney general's office. In his years as a prosecutor, Mr. Curcillo handled everything from street crimes to to complex financial fraud investigations and prosecutions.