What do clients say about Joe Curcillo?

 PBI asked you to develop an exciting program that mixed magic with practical instruction, and presto! You conjured up a beaut! Really, I should book you for another course while the going is so good…

Stacey A. Thomas, Program Manager, Pennsylvania Bar Institute



I’m not easy to impress, and I was impressed. I have recommended him to numerous organizations – all of whom have reported back that it has been the best meeting they’ve ever had.

Sandra Mielton, Esquire




“You have received MANY accolades for your performance……

You earned them! Thanks again, my friend.”

Dr. Ted Leon,  Las Vegas VA Hospital




Whether he is on stage entertaining corporate executives or in court defending a client charged with violent crimes, Joe knows the ultimate goal is winning the audience.

Rodney Nordstrom, Ph.D., J.D, Indiana Lawyer Magazine



I was amazed!! I was also a little scared you could read my mind! @#$%!

Diane Harris, Banquet Manager, Colonial Country Club



Take a bow for organizing one of the best shows ever conducted at the hotel. Your performance was enjoyed by all of those who attended the show.

Victor Mitchell, Glitter Bay, Barbados