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Joe Curcillo Presents: The Mindshark's

Magically Engaging Entertaining Corporate & Association Events

The MindShark – America’s Premier Mentalist

The Perfect Entertaining Stage Show

Joe has performed from Las Vegas Casinos …. NY Board Rooms… to cheap motels in Des Moines.

Joe’s career is as a CEO and attorney. He is much more than an entertainer. He knows and respects what a corporate audience wants and needs!

Winning Appreciation Events

Show your Customers, Vendors, Members, and Employees Your Care with a GREAT time!!

With a career of building a corporate network of clients and associates and team members, America’s Premiere Mentalist provides memorable interactive fun events.

The Ultimate Blended Events

Infuse a product reveal, a corporate vision or a sense of teamwork into your event.

Speaker, author and strategist, Joe Curcillo will deliver a message that will resonate with your people while they are immersed in a wonderful entertainment event.

Joe gets the business world! He is so easy to work with!

Your search for a reliable, easy to work with Corporate Mentalist is over! So, contact Joe to find out how easy he is to work with! He will provide a magically entertaining Appreciation Event Entertainment. And, it will be featuring your audience’s thoughts, AND you will enjoy Joe’s ability to read minds.

But, you will be amazed by his easy going style as your event becomes real.

CALL 717.433.2200 TODAY to work with Joe to make your event Awesome!



As Joe gets in their heads, your people will experience a show full of laughter, Entertainment and amazement that is guaranteed to be a memorable experience.



All Presentations Designed for Association, Society & Corporate Audiences… But Joe cannot control what they are thinking! He just reads their minds. LOL!



The thoughts and experiences of your people will take center stage. Your people will be the stars of the show. AND, no one gets embarrassed or offended. It is their show!



Your teams will laugh as Joe combines the skills he acquired over the years as a mind reading trial lawyer with his charming sense of humor (well, at least that is what his mother calls it!).

The MindShark Loves his Clients!

CALL 717.433.2200 TODAY to work with Joe to make your event Awesome!

Who is The MindShark?

He is a highly respected trial lawyer & an internationally recognized mind reader wrapped into one entertainingly funny package!

Joe Curcillo – The MindShark – America’s Premier Mentalist Attorney has performed his acclaimed mind reading and mentalism show internationally for over 40 years. His ability in the courtroom and his knack for picking juries, translates into an magically engaging and entertaining show featuring your audience as they share in Joe’s impossible ability to read minds! Throughout his career as a lawyer, Joe stepped out of the heat of courtroom battle to perform and laugh with his audiences on a regular basis; his escape from the pressure cooker took on a life of its own and motivated him to be one of the best mentalist entertainers in the world.

Experience why Joe is America’s Premier Mentalist!


The MindShark has been a CEO and president of numerous associations. So, he knows that you have a lot to do making your event happen. He knows that his job is to make sure you are at ease, as a result, he will make you confident in your choice!

From this moment on, you will be working with a professional Corporate Mentalist Entertainer who understands what  you need, so you can rest easy. When you book Joe, you will be booking  reliability, great memories and NO worries!! And, on top of that, a great fun filled Event Entertainment Mentalism show!

We had a blast with Joe! It was fun letting him in our heads!

Joe, you’re a terrific entertainer – and wonderful raconteur. Thank you SO much for sharing this weekend with us.

Susan GrangerSSG Syndicate

Joseph Curcillo is an amazing mentalist, he combines his charm, charisma and super personality to bring you astonishing acts of mind power! Beside all that stuff, he is a great lawyer! I highly recommend him for any event.

Uri GellerWorld-Famous Mystifier

Did we have a great time or what! Dang! I mean Daaaaaang! We’ll be scratching our heads for a long time trying to wrap our mind around ‘The Mindshark’ mentalist show. It’s kinda creepy… in a fun way… lol!

George PeintnerWorld Information Network

Thanks Joe – you were AMAZING and many, many of our members said it was the best plenary session EVER!

Wendy LeeperBar Assoc. Executive Director

“Excellent, Excellent!”

Siegfried & RoyLas Vegas, Nevada


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When Joe combines the skills of a “mind reading trial lawyer” with his charming sense of humor.  (Well, at least that is what his mother calls it!), the amazement will be something people will talk about long after the event ends, as they will be amazed and entertained!

Joe is a Corporate Mentalist entertainer from inside the corporate world. His career was corporate management, boards and committees. And, that is how The MindShark knows your concerns!

So, he knows what your audience expects. He knows the ropes, hoops, and the problems that worry you as you look for an Event Entertainer.

Joe delivers Appreciation Event Entertainment at its best!

CALL The Mindshark TODAY. He already knows you want him to help YOU design the perfect balance of entertainment and message at your next event!

Special Appreciation Events are The MindShark’s Favorite!

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