Don't be a Hamster!

30 Ways to Spark the Imagination

of Busy People

Who am I? How did I get here?

“I am Joe Curcillo, The MindShark. Part mind reader, part lawyer, and wholly wanting others to be happy and successful!”

Joe Curcillo devoted his career to honing communication skills. From managing business clients to explaining complex legal issues to juries, he communicates well with people from all walks of life.

He graduated from college with a degree in civil engineering giving him an ability to plan strategically and thoroughly. He then went to law school and became analytical and a tad direct. All the while, I kept my entertainment business alive as a magician, then as mentalist and humorist. (He never sacrificed his sense of humor even during the most serious of courtroom presentations.)

My Business Journey

While managing his mid-sized law firm, he founded Thought Emporium, LTD to provide a service to the community to improve communication skills and mindsets for associations and charities. He served as president of a two school boards and as president of his bar association as well as serving in varying capacities with many other businesses, committees and charitable organizations.

He focused his attention on the importance of defining goals clearly to get things done. Throughout the myriad of board meetings, he pondered the question: To be effective, must meetings and learning sessions be boring?  So, he merged his skills as a professional entertainer into every meeting. The ability to read people and understand human behavior fueled with fun and laughter made accomplishing tasks fun. What would you do if you could read minds? And don’t say, “Go to Las Vegas.” The buffets will ruin you!

In late 2017, he prepared to close his law firm. he questioned whether he was closing at the right time in his life. Fate answered. He received a plaque declaring him to be one of the 10 best trial lawyers in Pennsylvania. He also received honors as one of the top mentalists in the world. Realizing he was clearly at the top of both games, he quit law. Joe loves telling everyone, “I can now share my lifelong journey to assist others in achieving their dreams… and have FUN doing it! I can’t wait for what is next! If you want a powerful business model, you need a unifying vision! Call me. Let’s do this!”


A Trial Lawyer/Law Firm CEO, a Business Advisor and a Mentalist Entertainer …

Joe knows how people think!

I am here. Now.

During the last 40 years, I have had the pleasure of presenting to audiences throughout the world including Las Vegas Casinos, CaribbeanResorts, Corporate Boardrooms, Hotel Nacional in Cuba, and … the United States Supreme Court.  I even worked a cheap motel in Des Moines… once.

I am thrilled to have published two books Getting to Us: Discover the Ability to Lead Your Team to Any Result You Desire and What’s Your Freakin’ Point: How To Maximize The Impact Of Every Word You Speak. In early 2019,I published Don’t Be a Hamster: 30 Tips to Spark the Imagination of Busy People to assist others in balancing work and happiness in their lives


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