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Getting to Us

Discover the Ability to Lead Your Team to Any Result You Desire

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Book of The Month Best Seller!Client of Entertaining Motivational & Keynote Leadership Events Speaker Mentalist Joe Curcillo

Communicating your vision is the key to Leadership!

Leaders who build great teams know a secret: They understand how to enroll people in a unified vision.

One big vision of purpose that brings everyone together, so all are working toward a common, noble purpose. In Getting to ‘Us,’ Leadership & Communication Speaker,  Joe Curcillo shows you how to take any group—apathetic or hostile ones—and make them enthusiastic, energized, and ready to go “all in” for your cause.

A true leader is not only a visionary. A true innovator is a master influencer. It all boils down to getting someone to do something enthusiastically and embrace what you want them to do even when they’re not inclined to do it. Being a leader is about getting everyone to move in a common direction toward a common goal it is about moving from “you and me” and getting to “us”

Imagine what would happen if your business, your goals, and your dreams were a unified vision that people would dedicate their lives to achieve.

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If your vision creates a cause that allows people to contribute and feel noble, you will rise as a leader.

“AWESOME! Joe Curcillo has discovered the secret ingredient
of team building. A must read for any leader.”

Jim DonovanAuthor, happy@work: 60 Simple Ways to Stay Engaged and Be Successful

Learn the ways to:

  • Craft a compelling and irresistible unifying vision

  • Discover your personal superpowers

  • Integrate and motivate people from any generation, including millennials

  • Cast your team members—and yourself—in the proper roles

  • Build a powerful and unstoppable team by Getting to Us!

Getting to US Book Five Star Review

Book Testimonials Include:

I found the advice for “maximizing the impact” of my words extremely beneficial. The way Curcillo relates his points through constant anecdotes to his two careers as a lawyer and magician kept my attention throughout.

Amazon Purchaser★★★★★

The author writes in a clear conversational style obviously drawing from many years of experience weaving a lesson on leadership out of each real life example.  I can hardly wait for the next book from this author.

Amazon Purchaser★★★★★

Not only is this book a resource for motivating those around us, but it also helps us to examine flaws in our own thinking that serve as barriers to success. The author has a clear understanding of human motivation and provides common sense guidance on how to harness that motivation in employees to reach workplace goals.

Amazon Purchaser★★★★★

The author is engaging and entertaining from page one. He is informative and educational through his storytelling.

Amazon Purchaser★★★★★

What’s Your Freakin’ Point?

Maximize the Impact of Every Word You Speak

What’s Your Freakin’ Point?

Do you want to communicate with purpose and passion?

 Do you want your words to be clearly understood?

Then you’d better have a freakin’point!

Skilled presenters and speakers understand the need to be on point: They know how to deliver a message that draws people in willingly.

In What’s Your Freakin’ Point: Maximize the Impact of Every Word You Speak, Joe Curcillo shows you how to be an engaging, credible, and powerful presenter. He shares his lifetime of experience as a courtroom lawyer and a professional entertainer to help you maximize the impact of every word you speak to get your point across!

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“Simply wonderful! As an accomplished lawyer, a learned professor, and a master showman, Joe uses his amazing storytelling skills to teach you to persuasively make your point in every presentation you do!”

Uri GellerAuthor, Performer, and World-renowned Mystifier

You’ll learn how to

  • Hone your delivery to achieve maximum impact and the results you desire

  • Use the art of storytelling to capture and hold your listener’s attention

  • Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise

  • Emphasize your strengths and deflect attention from your weaknesses

  • Assemble the nuts and bolts of a powerful presentation

Some of What’s Your Freakin Point Amazon Five Star Reviews

I truly enjoyed reading this book! As an educator, I found the advice for “maximizing the impact” of my words extremely beneficial. The way Curcillo relates his points through constant anecdotes to his two careers as a lawyer and magician kept my attention throughout. I also greatly enjoyed the practical worksheet provided in the book. It helped me to order my thinking to my personal needs of improving my connection to my students in the lessons I give. I feel inspired and confident on how to now approach my presentations for this new school year!

Amazon ReaderFive Star Review

CHAPTER 4!!! Holy cow! My favorite! Joe Curcillo dives deep and rewards us ALL with treasure! From front to back, “What’s your freakin’ Point?” is a must-read for … well … every freakin’ person on this planet!
I am even sharing it with my 15 year-old because he is taking, speech & debate this year in high school. I KNOW, with the help of this book, that he will reign supreme and crush his competitors. — Yeah, this book is THAT GREAT!
But please don’t tell anyone because I know it will give them an edge. And I want my son to win BIG!!
Plus, it is helping ME to be better in all areas of my life! It reminds me of, “Big Magic”, by Elizabeth Gilbert. TRULY TRANSFORMATIVE!

Amazon ReaderFive Star Review
A fitting follow-up to Mr. Curcillo’s last book, “Getting to US.” Joe is a wonderful writer and has a knack for conveying his point concisely and effectively.
Amazon ReaderFive Star Review

While ostensibly directed to trial lawyers charged with persuading jurors, Joe’s lessons of preparation and communication apply equally to anyone in the business world, be they salespeople attempting to land the big sale, managers trying to maximize the productivity of their employees or young professionals seeking advancement in their careers. For that matter, What’s Your Freakin’ Point provides a road map for how we all can increase our persuasiveness and confidence in all aspects of our professional and personal lives.

Amazon ReaderFive Star Review

Don’t be a Hamster!

30 Ways to Spark the Imagination of Busy People

Tired of running in the hamster wheel of life? Does it seem like no matter how hard you work you’re still in the same place you were last month, last year, five years ago? The solution is simple:

Don’t be a hamster!

Joe Curcillo shares thirty thrilling ways to put your imagination to work to build a better life for yourself and those around you. With illustrations by Neil McMillin, Don’t be a Hamster! is hilarious, practical, insightful, and profound.

Stop spinning your wheel! Pick up Don’t be a Hamster! today and say hello to a brighter tomorrow.

“In a fun and humorous style, Joe provides seriously insightful, practical, and user-friendly tips to motivate the hamster in all of us.”

James MapesAuthor of the Bestselling Quantum Leap Thinking and Imagine That

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