Women’s Intuition Empowerment Event

Brought to you by The MindShark – America’s Premier Mentalist, Keynote Intuition Speaker & Entertainer.

Frankly, this is the coolest, most transformative & fun Tea Party you will ever experience!

OK. So Yes. Men are welcome, but they should bring an open mind. This event can be booked by anyone, but it was designed for women executives.

This event explores the power of intuition. You will enjoy an enlightening experience with like-minded people.

The Women’s Intuition Empowerment Event has been described as “an intimately empowering experience,” and “a life changing breath of fresh air.”

This event is designed for women only to guarantee a comforting afternoon (evening) of sharing and support as you experience the powers of your own thoughts. This is an amazing interactive exciting experience for your heart. No other event can promise to deeply entertain your soul. It is truly a “Tea Party with a spoonful of amazement.”

Make better decisions with intuition empowerment.

After Joe’s event feeling like i was psychic. My instincts were fully awake!

You will be a part of an magically entertaining and transformational message that is the result of a Joe’s career as a law firm CEO, association leader and as a trial Lawyer. Your audience will be a part of a lifetime of finely tuned skills of persuasion, communication and intuitive leadership learned in the courtroom, and that is a pressure cooker where decisions and actions must be made quickly, decisively and perfectly.

Intuition Empowerment will give you the confidence to act decisively on instinct.

Holy cow! My favorite! Joe Curcillo dives deep and rewards us ALL with treasure! TRULY TRANSFORMATIVE!

Jane SuterAuthor, Columnist & Funny Mom

Many thanks to you for lifting our spirits with your positivity, enthusiasm. The energy you brought to us (and a break from all the stress members have endured for months) is just what we needed – the MindShark was a perfect fit! :)

Jayne H. Huston, MBA, LPBCWomen President’s Organization (WPO)

It was like a rebirth of my consciousness. Uplifting, exciting & fun!’



Gain a better understanding of when your intuition is guiding you.



Trust that your intuition will be there for you when you need it.



Make educated assumptions based on your past experience.



Be in the moment, and better communicate with those around you.



Make the right choice consistently.

Making decisions Is sometimes the most difficult and stressful thing that we can do.

There is always analysis. That is the part of decision making where we use logic and reasoning. The second part is using our intuition. Intuition is a word that people use on a regular basis. In reality, the intuition empowerment that we exercise is us operating on instinct. It is intuition that creates the instantaneous fight or flight response in everything we do. When we do not trust our intuition – our instincts – The decision making process takes longer.

Joe perfected intuition as an art…

In a criminal jury trial, all jurors must unanimously agree on a single verdict. There are no do-overs., and there is no room for error. The best lawyer is the one who gets everyone – including the judge – on the same page. That is Joe Curcillo.

Joe is not only motivational, he delivers the skills and techniques that he used to lead his juries to unite them in a unanimous verdict combined with his skills as a mind reader and entertainer.


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