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A Engaging Leadership Speaker who Transforms Stress into Drive and Direction!

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Make Pressure Your Friend as You Lead! Keep Focused & Achieve Your Dreams!

This transformational and engaging keynote message on personal leadership skills by an entertaining keynote speaker & “Mentalist Attorney” is one that was born in the heat of a courtroom. You will discover how you will be empowered by the methods Joe used to manage other lawyers, witnesses and judges to make his position the most powerful position in the room.  The techniques and ideas are based on a career of understanding the behavior, listening skills and thoughts of people. It is the merger of a trial lawyer and a mentalist into one fun information packed keynote.

Joe built his reputation using a Unifying Vision to get in people’s heads to transform 12 random jurors into a single focused team.

You will share in an entertaining and transformational keynote message that is the result of a Joe’s career as a law firm CEO, association leader and as a trial Lawyer. Your audience will be a part of a lifetime of finely tuned skills of persuasion, communication and leadership learned in the courtroom, and that is a pressure cooker where decisions and actions must be made quickly, decisively and perfectly.

In a criminal jury trial, all jurors must unanimously agree on a single verdict. There are no do-overs., and there is no room for error. The best lawyer is the one who gets everyone – including the judge – on the same page. That is Joe Curcillo.

You will discover the skills and techniques that he used to lead his juries to unite them in a unanimous verdict.

Get in People’s Heads!

Thrive Under Pressure!


A Unifying Vision Gives You Focus Under Pressure!

7 Minutes


“Lead Under Pressure” (Short Reel)

17 Minutes

Discover how to keep focus and lead under pressure and adversity to drive your teams to success!
An Engaging Entertaining Keynote Event full of Amazement!


“The years of convincing jury’s to see things your way serves you well, especially when the message is so relevant and worthwhile!”
George Peintner, World Information Network


“Our team refocused, had a renewed sense of pride and ownership in the resort, and worked together on a whole new level.”
Jeffrey Rudder, Skytop Lodge


Thanks Joe – you were AMAZING and many, many of our members said it was the best plenary session EVER!
Wendy Leeper, ECBA Executive Director


Entertaining Leadership Speaker & Mentalist Joe Curcillo Testimonials Include:

“Joe, you’re a terrific entertainer – and wonderful raconteur. Thank you SO much for sharing this weekend with us.”

Susan Granger SSG Syndicate

Thanks Joe – you were AMAZING and many, many of our members said it was the best plenary session EVER!

Wendy LeeperExecutive Director Chester County Bar Association

“Joseph Curcillo is an amazing mentalist, he combines his charm, charisma and super personality to bring you astonishing acts of mind power! Beside all that stuff, he is a great lawyer! I highly recommend him for any event.”

Uri GellerWorld-Famous MystifierUri Geller

“Our members really enjoyed the presentation. Joe got the 2018 Conference off to a GREAT start!”

Joseph FalconeExecutive Director, Chief Financial Officer | Pennsylvania Rural Water Association

“Whether he is on stage entertaining corporate executives or in court defending a client charged with violent crimes, Joe knows the ultimate goal is winning the audience.”

Rodney NordstromPh.D., J.DThe Indiana Lawyer Magazine

Holy cow! My favorite! Joe Curcillo dives deep and rewards us ALL with treasure! From front to back, “What’s your freakin’ Point?” is a must-read for … well … every freakin’ person on this planet! TRULY TRANSFORMATIVE!

Jane Suter★★★★★

“I’m not easy to impress, and I was impressed. I have recommended him to numerous organizations – all of whom have reported back that it has been the best meeting they’ve ever had.”

Sandra MeiltonEsquireDaley Zucker

“It was truly an honor to meet you and see the gift you have been given! Your kind and encouraging words meant a lot to me.”

Amy BeachyBella Vera Publishing

“Joe Curcillo can’t be described. He is an experience. He is transparent, authentic, his wisdom and humor make him one of a kind. The best description I can give him is unforgettable.”

Charlie Tremendous JonesCPAE Author, Hall of Fame Speaker

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