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"The Ultimate Business Solution"










"The Ultimate Business Solution"

Leaders who build great teams know a secret:

They understand how to enroll people in a unified vision.

Speaker & Author, Joe Curcillo shares the secrets to clearly navigate through your own mind and your life experiences—as well as the those of the people around you, so that all can move toward your goals in a single direction with a Unifying Vision.

In both good times and in bad, you and your team will act more decisively with less fear, less hesitation, and less stress, and become the fully empowered people you are meant to be.

One big vision of purpose that brings everyone together, so all are working toward a common, noble purpose. In Getting to ‘Us,’ Leadership & Communication Speaker,  Joe Curcillo shows you how to take any group—apathetic or hostile ones—and make them enthusiastic, energized, and ready to go “all in” for your cause.

A true leader is not only a visionary. A true innovator is a master influencer. It all boils down to getting someone to do something enthusiastically and embrace what you want them to do even when they’re not inclined to do it. Being a leader is about getting everyone to move in a common direction toward a common goal it is about moving from “you and me” and getting to “us”

Imagine what would happen if your business, your goals, and your dreams were a unified vision that people would dedicate their lives to achieve.

If your vision creates a cause that allows people to contribute and feel noble, you will rise as a leader.

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transformational Entertaining Leadership Speaker Mentalist keynote


This transformational and engaging keynote message on personal leadership skills by an entertaining keynote speaker & “Mentalist Attorney” is one that was born in the heat of a courtroom. You will discover how you will be empowered by the methods Joe used to manage other lawyers, witnesses and judges to make his position the most powerful position in the room.  The techniques and ideas are based on a career of understanding the behavior, listening skills and thoughts of people. It is the merger of a trial lawyer and a mentalist into one fun information packed keynote.

Joe built his reputation using a unifying vision to get in people’s heads to transform 12 random jurors into a single focused team.

  • Manage the Stressors of Being "The Leader"

  • Get in People’s Heads and Guide Them in YOUR Direction

  • Craft a Compelling and Irresistible Unifying Vision

  • How to Keep Your Balance and Focus Under Difficult Conditions

  • How to Use the Pressure of the Moment to your Advantage

  • Build a Powerful and unstoppable team by GETTING TO US!

Joe is proud to have served:


The years of convincing jury’s to see things your way serves you well, especially when the message is so relevant and worthwhile!”

Online Speaker & Virtual Seminar Webinar
George Peintner,
World Information Network


“Our team refocused, had a renewed sense of pride and ownership in the resort, and worked together on a whole new level.”

Restaurant Event Speaker
Jeffrey Rudder,
Skytop Lodge, Poconos


“Joe was engaging and entertaining. He provided a truly unique experience to our audience; a great way to kick off the day.”

Robert Glus,
FSA, MAAA, FCAConrad Siegel
Entertaining Motivational & Keynote Leadership Events Speaker Mentalist Joe Curcillo

Entertaining Leadership Keynote Speaker Joe Curcillo thrives under pressure & stress.

The MindShark Motivation experience is a dynamic message of empowerment and improvement wrapped in amazing and Entertaining Mentalism and Mind-Reading.

Above all else, Leadership Speaker Joe Curcillo will share with you the techniques and tricks that he has used throughout his career as a trial lawyer and mentalist to thrive under pressure, to manage pressure and to use pressure to his advantage. As you explore the superpower of unifying vision, you will learn its place in creating direction and ending in a place thank you have pre-determined.

You will experience a transformational message on how to deal with pressure and acquire skills to create your own pressure cooker to improve your advantage.

You will share in an entertaining and transformational keynote message that is the result of a Joe’s career as a law firm CEO, association leader and as a trial Lawyer. Your audience will be a part of a lifetime of finely tuned skills of persuasion, communication and leadership learned in the courtroom, and that is a pressure cooker where decisions and actions must be made quickly, decisively and perfectly.

In a criminal jury trial, all jurors must unanimously agree on a single verdict. There are no do-overs., and there is no room for error. The best lawyer is the one who gets everyone – including the judge – on the same page. That is Joe Curcillo.

You will discover the skills and techniques that he used to lead his juries to unite them in a unanimous verdict.

Corporate & Association Mentalist/Mindreader Entertainment best Mentalist mindreader Attorney

Joe’s presentation is an entertaining event that promises audience engagement as well as a sound message to motivate transform and inspire.


Entertaining Leadership Speaker Joe Curcillo used these same transformational management skills. Joe successfully led his law firm,  his lawyers, and numerous non-profit association boards to achieve their goals.

Eventually, Joe became a sought after instructor for trial lawyers and litigators. He also earned recognition as a top 10 criminal defense lawyer and Pennsylvania Superlawyer. During his career, Joe took his uniquely honed skills to the stage – added humor  and fun – and became  America’s Premiere Mentalist.  His methods and style earned him the nickname the mind-reading lawyer, hence he became The MindShark!


7 Minutes

Dive into a unique perspective that is sure to be a transformational event for your managers, salespeople, members and teams.

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